Your products in good hands

Bio Pharma Logistics specializes in storing and distributing your frozen, refrigerated, and controlled room temperature products.

We are equipped with freezers/coolers that maintain -25C or colder and are cGMP compliant, FDA registered, and GHA certified.

Safeguarding the integrity of your cargo is our primary mission. That's why temperature zones in the facilities are independently monitored continuously, on-site and remotely. An alarm and notification call is triggered when the set point is exceeded.

The facility is supported by an independent diesel generator designed to provide power following a power interruption. Routine maintenance is documented in logs and diesel units are tested monthly.

A contractor provides routine FDA-grade pest control for the interior and exterior of the facilities. Given the nature of products stored in the facility, no substances are used in the interior that could potentially contaminate product.

Sanitation is performed daily. No product is stored informally at the head of the aisles or on the floor. Aisles and bays are swept and cleared of dunnage, corrugate, and open pallets.

The facility is remotely monitored for security and fire, seven days a week, 24 hours per day. Employee and visitor access to the facility in Louisville is controlled by electronic access keys programmed with unique identification numbers that restrict access to individuals with a business purpose in a designated area.

Between our efficient equipment and our highly trained personnel, you can be certain that your products couldn't be in better hands.